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Does a Barbershop really need a website?

Without a doubt! A bespoke Barbershop is about offering an entire experience from the miraculous attention to detail with each cut to the interaction between the client and the barber - it's a very personal experience and your website should capture all these elements so that people who visit your site know you offer something unique.

The Service

Being a good barber isn't just about being fast - it's about attention to detail and technical ability. These days mens hair is more a form of self expression and reflection of trends so clients want someone who is capable of a diverse range of styles and incorporating a full client-centric service and your website should reflect this.

The Vibe

The vibe and atmosphere of your barbershop is an important aspect of your business to showcase to people. A client wants to go to a place that resonates with them so it's a no-brainer that your site should serve to show the space itself and the people in it having a great experience!

The Feeling

We know that barbering is not just cutting hair. It's a total grooming experience, it's developing trusting relationships, it's empowering people to feel like their best selves. Your website exists to communicate these ideas and that anyone who visits you will leave feeling incredible.

Optimised for Mobile

Nearly 54% of all web traffic comes through a mobile device. Without a website that has been designed to work on mobile devices, you're missing a huge opportunity. Fortunately we take this step very seriously to ensure that your website is user-friendly on every device!

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