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Vinnie from Wingman Grooming cutting clients hair


Wingman Grooming

Vinnie from Wingman Grooming washing clients hair

Meet Vinnie

Vinnie is the owner of Wingman Grooming, a new and immersive approach to men’s hairdressing and traditional barbering in the heart of Newcastle.


Wingman delivers a bespoke grooming experience by tailoring your hair to best suit you. Vinnie’s mission is to create a distinguished, environmentally-conscious brand that is known not only for being fashion forward, but also for inspiring personal growth in each and every client.

a man who helps or supports another man; a friend or close associate.

It's all in the name

The second you step into Vinnie’s studio, he immediately helps you feel at ease. He has your highest interest in mind and aims to provide you with a tailored grooming experience to best suit you. Vinnie’s barbering service aligns exactly with his values as a “wingman” — distinguished, personal, friendly, conscious, encouraging, and top-notch. Oh, and be prepared to walk out of his studio with the cleanest cut you could imagine.
Let him change your life, one trim at a time.

Wingman Grooming cutting hair while Era Media takes photos
Vinnie from Wingman Grooming washes clients hair
Tools used by Wingman Grooming
Vinnie from Wingman Grooming cutting customers hair

Era steps in

Wingman Grooming's bursting potential caught our eye and we are honoured to be the ones to give this studio that extra push it needed in order to stand out from the crowd — meaningful photographs that speak for themselves, and a video unveiling exactly what it feels like to step into the Wingman studio. Showcasing Vinnie’s work and studio in an artistic and cinematic sense has framed Wingman Grooming as what it truly is; a welcoming environment for all. 

We gave Vinnie the chance to narrate the video with his mission and what Wingman Grooming stands for.

Watch our video:

Wingman Grooming showing a client a finished haircut

Beyond the shoot

Up to this day, the Era team keeps in close contact with Vinnie — checking in with his business, getting to know the people around him, and continually repurposing his visual content to bring new clients to Wingman Grooming. We are partners not only now, but in the future. He knows we're always just a call away from starting another shoot.

These projects are more than just a business transaction with clients. Meeting people like Vinnie drives our purpose and reinforces why we do what we do.

If you’re in need of a barber to give you the best trim of your life, or want to become a wingman alongside Vinnie, follow his links below:

We loved telling Vinnie's story and can’t wait to tell yours. Get in touch now so we can bring your business to life!

Work with us!

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