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How to take great photos of your restaurant!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

When using photography for your restaurant or cafe, the goal should be not to just to show what it looks like but also what it feels like. When searching for a place to eat and socialise, people are often looking for somewhere that can provide an overall great experience that leaves them feeling happy as well as fulfilling their basic food-related needs.

To do this, you need to have a clear understanding of the positive experiences people can have in your restaurant and then show people having these positive experiences within your imagery. Whether it’s a unique and upbeat atmosphere, or perhaps there’s a beautiful view or surrounding context, maybe it’s the way the natural light enters the space, even if it’s simply the impeccable quality of services that you offer - it’s important to show people in the moment, experiencing these things. Anyone who sees this will want to have those same experiences and feelings too!

While it’s important to take photos of the food that you offer to give people a sense of the physical products that you offer, it’s equally - if not more important - to have photos of people feeling good and having a great time.

So take photos of people enjoying themselves (with their consent of course), take photos of the views, the natural light, the design and decor and how people are engaging and interacting in the space - this is what will tell the full story of what your restaurant or cafe has to offer because while anyone can serve food and drinks, not everyone can offer a truly great experience.

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