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Realign Health Clinic

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Videography | Photography

The Hurdle

Realign was looking for a way give their customers a behind the scenes look at their services.

They had used professional services in the past but the images had come out very dark which did not align with the Realign brand.

We loved telling Realign's story and can’t wait to tell yours. Get in touch now so we can bring your business to life!

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Let’s talk about Numbers:


of students feel anxious about college applications and seek assistance


of students feel anxious about college applications and seek assistance

Located in Leichhardt, Realign Health Clinic is a multi-disciplinary wellbeing space that is professional, inviting and instantly calming. They want their clients to feel at home the moment they arrive and begin to feel better even before treatment begins.

Meet Realign

We proposed that the best way to provide customers with an engaging experience would be a video walkthrough starting from signing in at the door through to completing a service. We worked with the Realign team to map out the full process so that we could ensure that we could capture the shots needed with sufficient lighting.

Below you can see the video we created and some of the images we captured. Realign happily deployed the video and photos on their website and social media.

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